FB Livestream Advertising Activation Service FB 直播速推广告开通服务

Increase the visibility of your live stream to attract more potential customers into your broadcast room.


FB Livestream Advertising Activation Service

1 Purchase a new FB page with activated Livestream Advertising Boosting: RM 4600 Immediately available within 1-3 days

✓ You can inform us of the desired name for your FB page during the purchase, and we will change it for you

2 Activation of Livestream Advertising for existing FB pages: RM 6600

✓ Requires 7-30 days to process

✓ Requires adding our technical personnel as admins in the backend

✓ The page must not be restricted with good page quality

✓ Activation speed can vary, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Full refund if activation is unsuccessful

Full refund if the page is unable to do livestream ads

Face-to-face transaction is possible; our office is located in KL area

▲ Important notes after activation:

→ After purchasing a newly activated FB page, you can modify all information. However, it is recommended to avoid frequent changes and not to provide any information that violates Facebook's policies.

→ Focus on doing ads for your live stream rather than normal posts

→ Avoid using copyrighted music in your live streams

Ensure compliance with Facebook's policies in your live streams

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● 购买 已开通直播广告的 新主页: rm 4600


■ 买的时候可以告诉我们主页要什么名字,我们换给你

开通 旧主页(现有的主页)来允许直播广告:rm 6600

■ 需要 7-30天时间

■ 需要添加后台技术人员当admin

■ 主页一定要没有受限制

■ 开通速度有时会快,有时会慢。

● 如果开通不成功会全额退款




● 购买新开通主页后,可以修改一切信息,不过尽量别频密修改,也不要填写违法FB规则的信息。




✔✔After activating Livestream Advertising on your FB page, how can you advertise to your potential customers?

Boost post (livestream)

✓Go to your live video and click on Boost Post.

✓ Fill in the desired audience and budget.

Once done, click on Submit.

For more details, refer to the following images (5 in total).

2 Using Ad Manager

✓ Open Ad Manager.

✓ Follow the steps shown in the video below.

✓ For more details, watch the following video (link: https://youtu.be/PUG_RQU328Q).

Note :

Audience targeting is important. If you're selling skincare products, select keywords related to skincare and consider targeting specific demographics like females, etc.

If you're selling seafood, use keywords related to seafood and so on.

Specify the location as Malaysia or specific states (e.g. KL, Selangor).

✩ Budget is also important. The more you spend, the more reach or audience Facebook will promote your live stream to. Remember, the money goes to Facebook. You can start with an initial budget of around RM 20-30.

✰ Ad Manager offers different advertising objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, etc. Feel free to experiment with these options.

☆ 主页开通直播广告后,要如何打广告给你的潜力顾客?

■ 透过Boost post

♡ 去你的live video按boost post

■ 跟据你要的受众和budget填写 ■ 好了按提交就可以啦

♡ 详情可以看以下的图片(5张)

7 透过Ad manager

■ 打开ad manager

■ 然后根据以下影片的步骤



★ 受众资料非常重要,假设你卖护肤品,就要选有关护肤品的关键词,然后性别可以选女生等等。

★ 如果你是卖海鲜,那么就要填写有关海鲜的关键词,以此类推...

地区:马来西亚,或者放州属也可以(如kl, selangor)

Budget(总预算),也很重要。放越多钱,fb就会把你的直播推给更多人。钱是付给fb的!刚开始可以尝 itrm 20-30

★ad manager的选择广告目标有几项:知名度,流量,互动 等等...都可以尝试